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7 Tips To Capture Audience’s Attention At A Trade Show

The best part about the trade show is you can interact face-to-face with the audience. You get a chance to exhibit your product’s amazingness and win the audience’s hearts. But what do you do to drive the audience in large numbers toward your trade show product displays? This question is challenging, but get the answers by scrolling your eyes through the tips shared below –

  1. Select a Good Location– Like in real estate; locations hugely matter; the same goes for tradeshows. The traffic you attract toward your booth largely depends on where you set your booth. A booth close to entry, exit, and center locations increases the chances of getting noticed. These locations are most-visited by the audience. It will be great if you choose the location and book in advance.
  1. Promote Trade Show Appearance – Before the trade show begins, make your booth appearance known to the audience. Post pictures on social media channels and the official website of the company. This way, people will discover in advance what your booth will look like and what colors they must look for to locate it easily in the vast trade show.
  2. Do Interactive Activities– Playing quizzes and trade show games grab the audience’s attention. You can use your creativity to do such activities that entice the audience and compel them to visit your booth. After they arrive, you can play your marketing strategies that turn them into your customers.
  3. Place Large Screens– Using digital screens is an effective way to showcase your brand logo and offers. The screens are set at high heights to be visible from a distance. If you choose PinTV, you get 32-inch high-quality display screens which you can place.
  4. Get Profiencet Staff – Presentation skills greatly impact the audience’s mind. To make an excellent presentation, you should make proficient staff stand at the booth. They must have enough knowledge and high-class communication skills. With a good presentation, you reach halfway to making your audience a customer.
  5. Out of The  Box Theme – Think of a creative theme that catches the attention of wandering eyeballs in the tradeshow. You may get some hints from the following –
  • Staff uniform
  • Booth decor
  • Offer discounts
  • Free giveaways
  • Winning products by playing games

These are commonly used themes by exhibitors in tradeshows to win attention. Keeping these aside, you can create a unique theme that, according to you, will work wonders.

  1. Hands-on experience– Provide hands-on experience with the product or service to the audience. When the audience personally tries it out, they learn better about its amazingness. Whatever products or services you deal with, offer a free-of-cost demo in the tradeshow. This will make the audience on a large scale drive towards your booth.

There will probably be hundreds of exhibitors in the trade show coming fully prepared to perform exceptionally well. To make your booth stand out from the rest, put these tips into effect.




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