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Hosting a Digital Event? How to Add Interactive Elements to the Displays?

Incorporating interactive elements into your event displays is one of the powerful ways to heighten engagement and entertain the event attendees. It would enhance the overall event experience for the audiences, whether present physically or watching over the internet. These interactive event displays enable you to showcase visual elements like your brand, product, or other services available at the event.

They are designed to attract attention and convey your brand’s messages, which helps the organizer give the attendees a memorable experience. Hence, while investing in these displays or hiring services, you should show more interactive features by installing advanced technology and multimedia rather than keeping it simple or static designs. Let’s learn how adding interactive elements into event displays can be beneficial and tips on creating engaging experiences.

Some compelling reasons to install interactive event displays:

  • Increase Attendee Engagement and Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, one of the significant benefits of installing interactive event displays is improving attendees’ engagement. You can provide them hands-on experience by highlighting your brand information and messaging. Additionally, event displays would increase your brand awareness and the lead generation interested in your offerings.

  • Improve Social Media Reach and Audience Details

Since installing interactive event displays are superbly shareable on social media platforms, they can help you expand your event reach. You can collect more attendee information to gather valuable insights to understand more about your audiences.

Tips to Add Interactive Elements

  • Set Objectives

Defining your objectives is the first step to making your digital event successful by installing an interactive display. So consider your target audience demographics to understand their expectations from attending your event. So you can tailor the interactive elements for the event displays according to their interests. Once you have established clear objectives, it will be achievable to get desired outcomes.

  • Choose Right Technology

The next step is choosing the right technology for adding interactive elements to make your digital event successful. For this, you need to consider the display size, the event space layout, and expected foot traffic for your event. You can even choose touch screens, virtual reality, and other innovative technologies to add to your event displays, and it would offer your audiences an immersive experience.

  • Create Displays to Encourage Attendees

Now it’s time to design interactivity to encourage attendees to participate actively. Some popular considerations are adding gamification elements, video walls, interactive whiteboards, etc., so attendees can touch, swipe or move objects on the event displays. Moreover, you can help with creating a unique and visually appealing experience. Encourage the audience to engage in the event by completing specific tasks by offering meaningful incentives, prizes, or discounts.

There needs to be more than just interactive elements to event displays for effective brand awareness and event engagement, and you should also consider promoting your addition to your utmost abilities. Create media buzz around your event displays using social media and other digital marketing channels, so attendees will be encouraged to visit your event.


In The End

Adding a few key interactive elements to displays can help to make your event a memorable experience for your attendees. Not only do the features increase the interactivity of your showcase, they also offer your audience an opportunity to interact and add their opinion or reaction in real-time to the event’s topics.

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