Beyond the sporting events it was designed for, PinTV is a revolutionary product for a wide variety of other essential functions. These portable 360 degree event video displays can show static information at business conferences, live video at fairs and festivals, preprogrammed slides at trade shows, and so much more!

Thanks to PinTV’s simple setup, full 360-degree visual and small footprint, it’s an effective display solution just about anywhere—from the main floor to the entryway of your facilities. Check out how PinTV can help take your event to the next level

Trade shows

Our portable 360 degree trade show video displays are perfect for displaying slideshows and product information, as well as complementing your trade show booth and drawing in attendees. Pitch your branded video in all directions or put on a live product demonstration that makes your booth a destination on the trade show floor.


trade show booth design ideas
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Trade Booths

PinTV display enhances the atmosphere of your trade booth. With its high-quality display and all the necessary information, your company’s visibility to your customers boosts up a notch. This further brings in a positive effect with improved annual sales. PinTV offers you the finest LED display screens to smoothly advertise your products to your target audience.

You will generate sales with the right portable trade show displays. PinTV offers a variety of LED displays to invest in according to your needs. Portable display screens can be custom tailored to your requirements, and they are easy to transport and work as a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Vendor Booths

Whether you are putting on your show at a small town event or on the Las Vegas strip, PinTV will help you draw in the crowd.

PinTV LED DISPLAY SCREENS will offer your business a fast and easy gathering of customers, thus, enabling you to achieve the goals you have set for the booth. You can comfortably swap out the products on the screen following the need and demand you see fit. PinTV offers you a display that looks superb and assists in helping your brand stand out from the crowd. 

The booth displays can showcase a creative portrayal of messages and offer versatility to your booth. You don’t have to hold back on the information you want to share with your customers. Your notes can use a combination of texts, audio, videos, and images in n number of ways with unique styles and eye-catching details. PinTV enhances the engaging material you are already equipped with.

trade show booth design ideas

Fairs and festivals

PinTV is excellent for displaying event information to crowds of people who are on the move and need to know where to go at a glance. Alternatively, use our portable 360 degree event video displays as a quick solution to broadcasting messages inside of expo centers or convention centers.

Pin TV’s bright, radiant, and attention-grabbing displays help the crowds navigate the place efficiently and clearly. If someone gets lost they only have to look up at the LED display screen to get an idea of where they are and how to get back to the place they want. This assures the safety and well-being of everyone present in a fair or festival gathering. These events are a time of vibrancy and enjoyment, and LED screens help the event achieve the vibe they want. Whether it’s music, performances, headlines, or social media trends -PinTV helps the crowd engage in the festival’s happenings.


Community events

Bring digital messaging to your farmer’s market, polling station, town hall meeting, small business event, or other community gatherings! It’s a great way to display vital information—everything from a welcome message to raffle ticket numbers, to safety information and much, much more.

Pin TV’s portable booth display helps in serving the message across the community. It keeps everyone informed with its high-quality visuals and easy setup. They supply people with timely information and updates whenever required. The availability of accurate information at critical times is one of the most advantageous traits of having a pop-up display at community events. This way, everyone gets notified through a common channel.


Business meetings

From shareholder meetings to board meetings, to press conferences and more, if you’ve got valuable information everyone needs to see, PinTV is the way to make sure it’s seen.

Pin TV’s professional display can make a lasting impression on your viewers. This boosts your confidence in presenting your services, plans, and products to the meeting members. They enhance the engagement of the members, which further leads to improved efficiency and productivity on their end. This increases the employees’ morale, thereby bettering the workplace environment. The interactions are made more effortless in the presence of a pop-up display booth or stand. The control of the presentation can be done remotely without much difficulty.

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