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PinTV Delivers high-quality services for your events right at your doorstep

There’s an important and huge event coming up. You are to oversee the planning and you want to make it’s the best. Everything is set except something vital is missing. How will you broadcast your event on a larger scale? On a scale where it is accessible to everyone present?

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This is where PinTV comes in for the save as we bring to your electronic scoreboards for rental. You don’t have to buy one to have one, and our rentals will mold into your needs and demands for the event. Our multi-sport scoreboards are available for rental – daily, weekly, or monthly. They can digitally connect to your devices and present them on the screens you want them to. We ensure that our products would provide the best possible experience for your audience.

Our team of highly skilled and passionate experts strive to provide the best of their services and products to you. Our 360-degree video display screens, with their stunning audio-visual technology, are available for hire for sports and other events.

Our LED display screens are interactive indoors or outdoors and offer an engaging and memorable experience for all present. We assist our customers and clients in achieving the perfect event experience for their audience. Our electronic scoreboard rental has a stunning and superb display and is available for all events.

PinTV offers an array of portable and pop-up scoreboards to fit your events’ needs. You can email us at or call us at (612) 567-0638 to enquire about our rental rates and discuss the needs of your event accordingly.

Whether it be a sporting event involving football, lacrosse, or softball, an event for the community, or you want to set up your vendor booth, our electronic scoreboard rentals are available for all of them. You can tailor the booth’s graphics to coordinate with the event’s theme or convey a specific marketing message to attendees. All of this is possible on the portable scoreboard rental that we provide.

We take great pride in our work ethic. PinTV offers the latest technology to ensure an event’s smooth and efficient running in a timely fashion. With the experience we have retained over the years, we wholly understand the essence of the event and the pressures one has to deal with for the seamless experience of the audience and everyone alike. We also understand the need for virtual events held remotely, which is why we provide our clients with the innovative technology of the screens.

Your search for a “portable scoreboard rental near me” is on your screen! So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us at the information provided at the bottom of the page. We are at your service. Ready to give you the best.

trade show booth design ideas
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