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PinTV was designed with sporting events in mind! Our product was born from the idea that every fan should be able to get the information they need at a glance—from scores and player stats, to time on the clock or current standings. PinTV brings fans all this and more, regardless of the sport!

Sports events

PinTV is sure to improve your experience of any sport, whether basketball, volleyball, or any other sport of your liking. The display offered by our scoreboards covers all the information necessary for fans to keep up with the sport they choose.

Game time, scores, goals and shots made, including penalties—all the information of the respective sport would be provided on the screen of the scoreboard. The number of fouls made, the players’ names, the winning streak, the keeping count, and track of time is easily accessible to the viewer from wherever they are.


Wrestling uses our 360 degree sports video displays as wrestling scoreboards. Display clear visuals, including wrestler name, time remaining, real-time score, and more. After each match, it’s also easy to display rankings and records for individual players or teams, giving spectators an in-depth look at the sport.

Wrestling is a sport of gaining an advantage over one’s opponent through various techniques. Who would want to miss out on the joint locks, throws, and takedowns that happen throughout the sport? Every fan would like to keep track of their favorite players’ wins and losses. This sport of quick thinking and reflexes is highlighted on the wrestling scoreboards, which offer instant information on screen for fans, players, coaches, and others alike.      

Convenient wrestling scoreboards and portable electronic scoreboards, with their brilliant display, keeps track of the winners, players’ scores, and their points and keeps everyone in the arena informed of the goings-on of the wrestling match. It supplies everyone with the satisfaction of trustworthy information and helps them keep pace with the game.

Volleyball and basketball

Volleyball and basketball both broadcast their scores, possessions, time and more — especially outdoors where a scoreboard isn’t always present.

PinTV is perfect for projecting time, time-outs, player information, and much more. And, because it’s updated in real-time with full 360-degree visuals, players, coaches, spectators, and more will always be in the loop.

The high energy in the game can change the outcome in minutes. As the game approaches its final seconds, every second counts. A slam dunk in basketball or volleyball from either team can tie the score for the prospective group. One wrong move and you’ve lost control of the winning streak you’ve been riding. Every score, every second, and every minute of the game are showcased on our sports scoreboards in bold numbering visible across the space.

The digital basketball scoreboard and the digital volleyball scoreboards display the game’s entirety, from its minutes to its scores. Depending on the type of screen you purchase, you can see the number of fouls a player commits along with their name. The display is a common point for fans to gather their information, aside from the live events on the court, to which only some have visible access. It helps to enjoy the game regardless of where they are seated.

Other sports

PinTVs have been used in Tennis matches, Pickleball and Billiard tournaments. Because it is configured as a 360 degree digital scoreboard, it can be used for any sport, even a video game tournament if one so choose.

No matter the sport, our 360 degree sports video displays help project important information to everyone involved. Display information from the playbook or drill times during practice, then turn PinTV into a scoreboard when it’s game time. Because it connects to any digital device, players, coaches, spectators, and even referees will be closer to the action than ever before.

Other sports, like soccer, hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, football, softball, and more, are enhanced by the presence of sports scoreboards on the field for the audience. Because of the nature of the games, whether innings, outs, or a nonstop action-packed sport, some sports can have very statistical scores. A digital sports scoreboard will offer all the informational needs of the game at your convenience. PinTV does not leave any sport out. A digital scoreboard can even be used for a video game tournament. The device can easily access other digital devices and display the information needed about the sport.

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