"We used PinTV’s at our invitational for the first time this year and we were very impressed with it’s performance. The PinTVs system was not only to easy to setup, but more importantly, it was easy to operate. We used students that knew nothing about scoring a wrestling match, but after a 15 minute training session, they were able to score a match, make correction and operate the PinTV system which helped the tournament run smoothly. We look forward to using PinTVs in the future."
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The clocks worked great for both our high school and youth dual tournaments. The best part is you can run them with Trackwrestling or stand-alone without. They offer a great view for coaches and fans and are simple for table workers to run.
Ryan Hill, Head wrestling coach, Kasson-mantorville HS, MN
May 10, 2020
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Coaches like the clocks because you can easily see the time and score. Officials like them because the time is easy to see and blood, injury, and head time are easily visible. Table workers enjoy the fact that wrestlers can clearly see who is up and on deck on the mat so they don't have to get constantly asked "When am I up?". Fans like them because the score is visible from anywhere in the gym and can see the names and teams of the wrestlers. These definitely help your tournament run smoother.
Jay McGovern, Head Wrestling Coach, Lee Summit HS, MO
January 29, 2020
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Redwood Valley has recently purchased 4 of the clocks to use at our events through out the year including our Redwood River Riot tourney. We used them last year for the event and had great feedback. We have also used them as displays for general events in our building and appreciated the versatility of the clocks to be a very classy display. We anticipate using them for multiple sporting events and for events around our building. The Customer Service from Noah and his crew are top of the line!!
Andy Ourada, Athletic Director, Redwood valley hs, MN
April 5, 2018
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